Read on for a very brief history about me!

A Brummie with the lilt but not the brogue of the Irish


I live in Carlow, Ireland and work for the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Carlow, Ireland lecturing in Electronics and Communications to first, second and fourth year students. When not lecturing, I am also researching my PhD in Machine Learning in Hardware in Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

Being born and grew up and went to school in Birmingham, England makes me a Brummie.


I undertook my Honours Degree at Coventry University, Coventry, England

(see the Alumni Pages of Evolve). I then undertook a Masters Degree at the University of Central England (UCE), Birmingham, England, now renamed Birmingham City University. I am now working on a PhD research degree in Artificial Intelligence at Trinity College Dublin. You can find a list of publications on my publications page.


In 1995 I did a work placement during my Masters Degree with Lucas Electronics (Now part of TRW), in Birmingham, England. They then took me on and I worked for them for 2 and a half years. In 1997 I moved to Cambridge, England to work for ARM Limited for 2 and a half years. In 1998 ARM Ltd floated on Nasdaq and London Stock Exchange.

After that in November 1999, I moved to Dublin, Ireland to work for Silicon Systems Limited (SSL) (this website has now been sold). SSL then changed it’s name to Parthus Technologies plc in 2000 and floated on Nasdaq and London Stock Exchange. In 2002 Parthus Technologies plc merged with Ceva Inc (part of the DSP Group) to become ParthusCeva Inc. They have now changed their name to Ceva DSP.

In 2003 I started working for Trinity College Dublin as a Research Assistant researching Delay Tolerant Sensor Networks for the Interplanetary Internet.. I also did a little lecturing on the MSc in Ubiquitous Computing course. With the research contract complete, I moved to Xilinx(pronounced Zylinks) in 2004, although I have kept on the lecturing and supervising in Trinity on the MSc in Ubiquitous Computing course.

Personal Life

I’m married to Michelle with 2 children; Toby and Zara.

To support local talent, Michelle (my wife) and I go along to the gigs of Sean Needham (and Darren Bowler his bassist). Check out the Sean Needham’s page and Darren Bowler’spage to go to their sites. I’ve ended up mastering CD’s of Sean’s gigs (he’s 2 live CD’s so far). If you’d like a copy of the gigs, contact Sean at his website. Sean has also released an album in 2004 (16th April to be precise) called “Loosely Based on a True Story” which is available in most good record shops.