Teaching and Supervision

Listed here are the teaching and supervision positions I have held over the years at Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland and South East Technological University, Carlow, Ireland.

South East Technological University (2016-present)

Teaching: I have taught or teach modules of the following courses:

Present Supervision: My current research supervision students are as follows:

  • Bovenizer, Christopher (2020-2022), IRC Employment-Based Program M.Sc., “Live, On-site Automation of Harvesting Equipment using Artificial Intelligence, Vision and
  • Sensor Systems”, Institute of Technology, Carlow and Tanco Autowrap Limited.
  • Furlong, Ryan (2019-2022), President’s EngCore Research Fellowship M.Sc., “Development platform for Artificial Intelligence at the network edge”.
  • ConnollyLuke (2019-2022), President’s EngCore Research Fellowship M.Sc., “UAV obstacle avoidance”, Institute of Technology, Carlow.

Previous Supervision: I supervised the following MSc in Communications Technology Management dissertation for the Irish Defence Forces:

  • Brennan, Colm (2019), M.Sc. in Communications Technology Management, “How can Machine Learning be Applied to Maritime Data Information to Aid Targeted Patrolling by the Irish Naval Service?”

Trinity College Dublin (2003-2008)

MSc in Computer Science (Ubiquitous Computer) teaching the Embedded Hardware module. I also supervised or co-supervised the following dissertations: