South East Technological University Supervision (2016-present)

Present Supervision: I am the principal investigator (PI) or co-investigator (co-PI) of the following research students:

  • Nunvarova, Martina (2023-2027), SETU Postgraduate Scholarship PhD, “Trustworthy, Efficient, Explainable, and Interpretable Machine Learning Robotics Control Using Artificial Intelligence Augmented Environmental Sensors”, South East Technological University. (I am PI)
  • ThatcherAdam (2022-2025), SETU President’s Fellowship PhD., “Calibration of Digital Twins for Buildings using Machine Learning”, South East Technological University. (I am PI)
  • ConnollyLuke (2022-2026), Irish Research Council PhD., “UAV obstacle avoidance”, Institute of Technology, Carlow. (I am co-PI)

Previous Supervision: I was the principal investigator and supervised the following MSc in Communications Technology Management dissertation for the Irish Defence Forces:

  • Graepel, Hugo (2022-2023), M.Eng. in Ordnance, Munitions, and Explosives Engineering, “Real-time internal defect detection and classification in artillery barrels using low-power computer vision.”
  • Furlong, Ryan (2022-2023), Irish Research Council PhD., “Development platform for Artificial Intelligence at the network edge”. (I am co-PI)
  • Bovenizer, Christopher (2020-2023), IRC Employment-Based Program M.Eng., “Live, On-site Automation of Harvesting Equipment using Artificial Intelligence, Vision and Sensor Systems”, Institute of Technology, Carlow and Tanco Autowrap Limited. (I was PI)
  • Brennan, Colm (2019), M.Sc. in Communications Technology Management, “How can Machine Learning be Applied to Maritime Data Information to Aid Targeted Patrolling by the Irish Naval Service?”

Trinity College Dublin Supervision (2003-2008)

I supervised or co-supervised the following MSc in Computer Science (Ubiquitous Computing) dissertations: